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How to Apply a Full-lace Wig(1)

Prepare the Skin and Existing Hair


Applying the wig properly makes it secure and allows the wearer to achieve a natural look. The wig can stay on for a week or so when applied correctly, and the user would only need to remove it to clean their scalp and natural hair.

Unlike a traditional wig, a full-lacewig looks as if the hair is growing out of the wearer’s scalp. Individual hair strands, hand-tied to a lace cap, allow the hair to be free flowing, part in any direction, and be put in ponytails and updos. Full-lace wigs are good for people suffering from hair loss and those who want to change their appearance without stressing or damaging their hair.

Before applying wig adhesive, perform a skin test to ensure the user does not have a negative reaction to the adhesive chemicals. All good quality adhesives include instructions on how to perform a skin test. If a reaction occurs, choose a different adhesive and re-test.

 day or two before applying the wig, exfoliate the skin all around the hairline, then exfoliate every two weeks. This ensures the adhesive bond lasts longer.

Make sure the hair and scalp are clean, as this helps the adhesive create a strong bond. A properly secured wig can stay on until the wearer removes it, though the wearer should remove it every seven to 10 days to clean his or her natural hair and scalp. Wrap the hair with a scarf or put it into cornrows, and then put on the wig cap or stocking. The existing hair should be flat and free of lumps. If the wig was custom-made, the wearer should do their hair the same way they did it for the wig measurements.

Use the make-up rounds and rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean all the skin around the hairline, as dirt and skin oils prevent the wig adhesive from forming a strong bond. Next, apply scalp protector around the cleaned area and let it dry completely. The scalp protector helps protect the skin from the wig adhesive and decreases the chances of skin irritation.

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