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Wig Color Chart

Wig Color Chart:

1) Blacks: 1, 1B

2)Browns: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14

3)Blonds: 16,18,22,24,25,144,613

4)Reds: 27,30,33,130,350,BG,700S,99J, Bright Red,804

5)Mixed Color: 144MIX1B,144MIX30,144MIX33,30MIX1B,30MIX4,33MIX1B,700MIX1B

6)Two Tone Color: R2/T270, R1B/T144, R2/T27, R1B/Bright Red, R2/T30 ,R4/T30, R1B/TBG, R2/TBG, R1B/T Orange, R1B/T Pink, R1B/T Blue.

7) Highlight Color:1B HL27, 1B HL30, 1B HL 33, 1B HL700S, IB HL BG, 2 HL 27 ,30 HL144, 4 HL 144

8)Tipped Color:1B/350T MX350, 1B/700T MX700, 99/700T MX700, 4/88T MX88, 99/130T MX130

9)Frosted Color: 1B/144F, 1B/33F, 1B/700SF,1B/99JF.2/27F, 30/144F, 2/350/33F,4/350/30F

10)Gray Mix: 280 1B/5%Gray, 44 1B/50%Gray, 51 1B/80%Gray, 34 #2/15%Gray, 60 100% Gray



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