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Can a wig be used like a full lace wig?

Some customers want a full lace wig but they afraid it will cost to much. They may used a wig as full lace wig. So can a wig be used as a full lace wig? if not what are some cheap lace wigs online?

In fact, a regular wig cannot be used as a full lace wig. The base cap construction of a regular wig won't allow it at all. Also, regular wigs are made by a machine, while lace wigs are carefully hand made with each hair strand hand tied into a thin, undetectable lace base cap; this is why the price is much higher. 

Also, I've heard way too many horror stories of customers who tried purchasing a "cheap" lace wig (this also happened to me, such a nightmare and I ended up paying top dollar anyway for a good quality wig - lace wigs are an investment so you pretty much have to be willing to invest in something of quality). 

The rule of thumb is you get what you pay for - no less than $350.00 (that will get you a sweet 8"-10" wig, the price increases with hair length and hair density/thickness) 

A good online retailer of lace wigs you can checkout is "Full Lace Wigs": http://www.honorlacewig.com
They have great pricing and a good selection of In Stock and Custom Lace Wigs and Frontals. The site is really cool too... 


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