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How strong are your full lace wigs

Have you imaged how strong about your full lace wig? Most people never think about it. However, Lace Wigs can be applied by you. There are alot of videos on you tube that demonstrate the correct way to put them on. As for glue, get a hard bond glue if your planning on fighting.  At www.honorlacewig.com we sale soft  full lace wigs and hard bond. Our top sellers for hard bond is liquid gold, it's super glue for your lace wig. I hope I answered your question. Check us out, we are proud member of the BBB and have great customer service, like now (big smile).

you can do it yourself. just make sure to get any glue that says itll last at least 3 weeks. it can not be pulled off in a fight (although it would hurt) for the first 4ish days (as long as you have the strong glue) but after that, it would be able to come off. having said that, it would only come off if you pulled on it. normal daily activity wont make it come off. if you use the glue that only lasts about a week, the lace wig is only super strong for a day and a half.

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