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How to wear a Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs are ideal for those who are suffering from alopecia or damaged hair. Full lace wigs are also suited for those who want to want to protect their hair or for those who like to change up their hair styles frequently without inflicting damage on their own hair.   Unlike traditional wigs, full lace wigs allow users to manipulate the hair without any obstructed parting space.  Moreover, depending on the type of hair, cap construction and overall quality, full lace wigs last for years in comparison to their weft wig counterparts.   Nonetheless, while full lace wigs have several advantages, wearing a full lace wig requires much effort to maintain its longevity. 

Things you may need


1. Gather your hair in a bun or ponytail and tie it as flatly to your head as possible. Put on a wig cap. This isn't necessary if you have short hair.

2.Position the full lace wig on your head. Align the hairline to a natural position by pulling the lace forward. Ensure the front ear taps are even and all the edges are at a natural position.

3. Tie the wig into a ponytail and then remove the wig. Carefully cut the lace off the edges of the wig.

4. Put wig adhesive just below your hairline. Ensure there is a small amount on the hairline all around your head.

5. Line the wig to just before the adhesive. Position it over the adhesive once all the edges are in place. Push the wig down to form to the glue. Gently pull down the back hairline.



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